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A “royal” case

08 012018


Package printing can play a decisive role in preventing counterfeiting and in protecting products. The know-how of Cerutti Packaging Equipment has made an important contribution to the Security sector, a contribution that it will soon be able to illustrate to all Print4All trade fair visitors.

 “With counterfeiting, Italy is the loser” was the title of a national campaign from a while back, but this is a pervasive problem that involves all countries, not just our own: it’s estimated that the underground economy manufactures counterfeit goods of all types that account for as much as 7% of global GDP.

The contribution of package printing is fundamental in the fight against counterfeited products, as will be amply demonstrated during the course of Print4All,

Among the exhibiting companies, Cerutti Packaging Equipment has been working in this sector since the 1990s, and at the show will explain its solutions for the fight against counterfeiting. These are technological solutions that have recently found a “royal” application. It was Cerutti, in fact, that supplied the machine to produce the anti-counterfeit window of the brand new polymer plastic Sterling: the new British 5, 10 and 20 pound notes bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth.

The new three-dimensional window has succeeded in lowering the counterfeiting rate by 80-90%. And, in view of this application’s success, the company is working to transfer its technology to other product areas like food and fashion, implementing innovations that can be extended to the whole spectrum of existing consumer goods.

At Print4All 2018 the Italian company will present this and other new developments. Like its brand new ventilation system which enables considerable savings in energy, better ergonomics and ease of use for the operator, and the integration into the machine of mechatronics and the new principles of Industry 4.0. Recent tests have shown that, at speeds higher than 500 mpm, solvent residue is under 5 milligrams and energy savings are 10% more than in the previous series of rotary presses.

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