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The adhesive that coats surfaces

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With an adhesive material that can be printed and treated as required, guaranteeing longevity over time, brilliant colours and a high-quality result, the applications are practically endless. We will find out all about these applications thanks to Frimpeks, the Turkish company which will be presenting various different developments, including the FinJET, at Print4All.

Take a sheet of adhesive material, print it with brilliant and long-lasting colours and let your creativity run wild, imagining the infinite possible applications: furnishings, design, architecture, communications and packaging, just to name a few. With innovative solutions, many problems can be resolved and even the most inspired of ideas can be put into practice.

Naturally, many years of research and study lie behind these types of products, as is the case of Turkish company Frimpeks, specialised in the production of self-adhesive materials and inks. To celebrate 30 years since its founding, the company will be presenting a number of innovative developments at Print4All, including the FinJET, a new range of self-adhesive monomeric PVC supports, designed specifically for the graphics industry and suitable for large sizes.

The FinJET films combine cost-effectiveness with a high performance. The products can be used with the majority of digital plotters for large sizes in combination with solvent inks, UV inks or latex, thereby guaranteeing consistently high-quality images with all printing technologies. Designed to be used for stand-out installations, they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. They lend themselves to temporary use or for short-to-medium periods, adapting well to both flat and curved surfaces. Currently, trade fair installations and advertising represent their main fields of application.

The rolls are available with a shiny or matte finish as required and are produced in different sizes and different combinations with permanent or removable adhesives.

In addition to the FinJet, Print4All will be an opportunity for Frimpeks to present their entire range of products, which span from materials for the production of adhesive labels for food products, drinks, personal hygiene products and chemical products, to those for wood coatings and inks for the graphics, printing, packaging and adhesive tape sectors.

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