17 052016

GRAFITALIA - Exhibition profile

The Print market has experienced years of deep change: it continues to be one of the product sectors that has gone through major evolutions and innovations in technologies and applications.

Grafitalia is about Printing & Communication and bears witness to the technological evolution that has influenced the graphics industry, gradually bringing about the increased presence of installations of digital printers in graphics firms. This has led to the current state of a substantial balance between the annual sales turnover for offset and digital printers. (Source: Argi).

Grafitalia is about innovation in printed products, with the awareness of how post-print treatments (finishing and enriching) can become an added-value element in the sector's production process, regardless of the print technology.

Grafitalia is about multichannel and data-driven marketing, it is near today's world of communication, where consumers are used to living their customer journey simultaneously using paper, smartphones, computers, and tablets.


Printers, print services, publishers, print buyers, communication agencies, marketers, creatives, printing managers, copy centres


Grafitalia's own history lies in offset and digital printing. Today, however, it's also a show for software solutions for online printing, printing workflow software, applications for the offline-online management of printed communication (augmented reality, QR-codes, etc.), nobilitazione e finishing technologies Grafitalia supports and promotes all the technologies that put soul into paper and print products.


  • Pre-press solutions
  • Printers
  • Post-print solutions
  • Consumables
  • Inks
  • Paper and folders
  • MIS and workflow management
  • Cross-media communication solutions
  • E-commerce solutions for printing