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The importance of quality control to achieve top results

16 042018


Today, more than ever before, it is fundamental that items are well-made and done so with less wastage. In order to achieve this, it is however necessary to adopt accurate quality control systems that enable any eventual defects to be corrected in a timely manner. At Print4All, BST eltromat Italia will be presenting its control and automation systems intended for the printing, packaging and web-converting sectors.

When we combine the ability to offer functional solutions and technological expertise with experience and the dedication and availability of individuals, customer satisfaction is sure to be the outcome. A philosophy that BST eltromat International GmbH, a company that produces quality control systems for the printing and packaging industries, in addition to other converting industries such as the rubber sector, has decided to make its own and upon which it has based its Print4All offering. The company provides visual print quality control systems, automatic video inspections of the printed and unprinted web, register checks and spectrophotometric colour monitoring, in addition to thickness/weight measuring systems, ink checks for offset machines, and automation of the printing processes and control systems for the production of pneumatics; control units, actuators, sensors and web-guiding systems. 

In practice, the printing inspection systems offered by BST eltromat re-produce a still image on a screen (touch-screen for process visualisation-integrated commands) from the fast-moving web, before digitally transferring all that the optical sensor perceives onto a video card. The systems then process the image using dedicated software to enable the operators to check the quality of the process and correct any defects. Thanks to the development of microprocessors and SW (algorithms), it is possible to automate the control operation and process by replacing the subjective eye of the operator with a sensor that objectively and continually scans, for example, the visual colour result, the register between colours, the flexo printing pressure, the double-sided adhesive conditions, the form and fullness of the print dot or the positions of the die-cuts etc., so as to ultimately achieve high-quality printing results, identifying any defects and tracking these in the database, analysing and even discarding them before shipping the finished product to the end user.

At Print4All, visitors will be able to view the many BST eltromat proposals, interact with the technicians and study the most suitable solutions for their individual requirements. Amongst others, there will be various solutions for checking the register with fibre optic sensors on rotogravure printing machines, web-guiding systems for complex alignment applications and web monitoring, in addition to solutions for controlling the purely automated systems for new and retrofit printing machines. The IPQ Spectral, an in-line densitometric and spectrophotometric print verification system, developed in collaboration with X-Rite, allows for the measuring of colour performance without having to stop the machine and take samples for a traditional static quality assurance assessment, by performing the operation dynamically and even providing useful values in real time for any necessary corrections with respect to the colour specifications of the various printing jobs, resulting in reduced waste and optimal printing quality.

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