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The Intensive Seminars represent an instrument that will be made available to diverse professionals - printers, creatives and brand owners - who are interested in the printing industry.

A concise format that will enable visitors to combine the exhibition with vertical training opportunities, which, through the concrete and ‘enlightened’ testimonies of speakers of international standing, will offer a swift and immediate way to get up to speed on specific topics.

Designed to be ‘visitor-friendly’, the seminars will last 30 minutes and the macro topics will be repeated on different days and at different times, to enable each and every one to be able to take part at the time that is most convenient to them.

These events are organized by Print4All, in collaboration with Business International - Fiera Milano Media


 A  Printer governance & awareness: exploring the new printing industry scenarios and managing them so as to transform these changes into opportunities

 B  Channel innovation and new technologies: how new technologies and cross-channelling impact on sector efficiency, the safety of the end user and product traceability

 C  Innovation of the Finished Product: product and material innovation in addition to environmental sustainability

 D  The Customer Journey: the end customer at the heart of decisions relating to the product and channels

 E  The printer in the 3rd millennium: characteristics, expertise and aptitudes of the 3rd-millennium printer

 F  Market, new markets and sectors: internal and foreign markets, the opportunities or threat posed by ‘offset’ printing’ and techstyle/textstyle. A comparison of the different sectors: publishing, printing, advertising, luxury and fashion

 G  Production techniques and strategies: the priorities for advanced production in terms of customer, market and innovation


The Intensive Seminars' schedule*:

AGORA' BODONI (hall 20)

29 May
14.45  A  
15.30  B Digital Ennobling and its effect on the buying experience
16.15  F  
30 May
11.00  E New skill and training
12.00  C Labels and added value
14.45  C  
16.15  E  
31 May
11.00  G  
12.00  C Corrugated cardboard - More technical knowledge = greater efficiency
14.45  D The Art of Loyalty
15.30  B Online Printing: why is it a growing market?
16.15  F  
1 June
11.00    G  Integrating technology to be more than just printers

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