31 082017

Print4All’s Ambassadors express their enthusiasm for the innovation brought by the event

Print4All is not just the trade fair that will take place from 29 May to 1 June 2018 at Fiera Milano, but it’s also a “gym” where companies experience innovation and find new solutions in terms of commercial and industrial printing, converting, package printing, and labelling.

And as a true gym, Print4All has its own trainers. These are known as the Ambassadors, i.e. business people who have decided to support the event and help create the project ensuring consistency and a close connection with the market: Alberto Palaveri, R&D Director and Member of the Sacchital Board for the CONVERFLEX area, Joseph Marsanasco, Innovation Technology Director for Rotolito Lombarda and Nava Press General Manager for GRAFITALIA, Alberto Masserdotti, Director of the Masserdotti Group and Domino Sistemi, is the Ambassador of the INPRINTING world.

Print4All asked them to give their view on this project, with a critical and proactive spirit, typical of those who aim at top quality and innovation.

1 - Recently, you have accepted to be an Ambassador for Print4All.What has impressed you the most about the project? What added value can Print4All provide to the printing industry, in your opinion?

ALBERTO PALAVERI: When they offered me to become an Ambassador for Print4All, I immediately thought that this new event could be an interesting opportunity for our industry, in particular Converting, which is what my company specialises in. We can change the paradigm, enhance the value of packaging using innovative and diversified printing technologies. We can finally get to know and invest in machinery and solutions that meet the packaging requirements of brand-owners and end customers.

ALBERTO MASSERDOTTI: What intrigued me about the Print4All project when I first heard about it was the possibility to network and meet all the supply chain players in one place. Gathering different but complementary events in three days will bring many people interested in developing constructive synergies to Fiera Milano. And this will make Print4All a unique event.

JOSEPH MARSANASCO: We are living in an ever-evolving society. Borders fall, certainties crumble, and we question everything, especially our ways of thinking and organising our existence, and thus, our profession. All this can either make us feel lost or push us to do something to change. I see Print4All with two faces, a patchwork of ideas, where we can get lost, or a group of different elements from which we can shape new ideas. Print4All’s winning message is to generate curiosity and creativity, and share experiences to create new opportunities and projects.

2 - You’re a manager in a major company in the printing industry. As a businessman, what benefits can Print4All provide to Italian and international companies?

ALBERTO PALAVERI: The Italian market is an important point of reference for many countries, especially those of the Mediterranean area. I think that Print4All is a must-attend event for companies that aim at expanding their business and getting in touch with international buyers besides Italian ones, who may be easier to reach. Not attending Print4All means missing the opportunity to have the right visibility and grow. Let’s not forget the importance of being part of The Innovation Alliance, which puts different but complementary events together to exploit the supply chain in the best way possible, bringing numerous benefits to the entire market.

ALBERTO MASSERDOTTI: Participating in an event like Print4All opens to new experiences: visitors can benefit from the presence of the entire production chain; they can save time, because in one day they can get to know different aspects of the industry, compare different technologies, draw inspiration for new ideas. Moreover, being more focused, they are more keen towards the decision-making process. A happy visitor makes the company happy as well.

JOSEPH MARSANASCO: I live the spirit of the factory intensely. That’s why I can say that our companies are increasingly turning into daily Print4Alls: new processes, products, materials, requirements, technologies, you name it. Therefore, I’d like to turn the answer around: missing Print4All means not accepting the challenge of changing and diversifying, missing Print4All means not sharing ideas. In other words, missing Print4All means not getting involved in the game!

3 - Let’s face this from the visitors’ perspective. Can you give us three reasons why every player of the supply chain should visit the event, whether they are printers, brand owners, or creatives?

ALBERTO PALAVERI: The printing market is evolving fast, even thanks to digital technology. Seeing the industry’s innovations in one place, having the chance to see the possible interactions between different technologies to create cutting-edge products is for sure a unique opportunity that Print4All provides to its visitors. The result is greater contamination between sectors and thus higher possibilities for growing within the market. An event like Print4All can provide an overview of a market, which is not second to any other country in terms of technology, quality, and creativity (elements that have always distinguished us).

ALBERTO MASSERDOTTI: I like to think about Print4All as a creative hotbed in which the public is made up of those who buy technology to sell it and those who deal with communication, whether they are agencies, creatives, or designers. There you have it. Print4All is the much needed opportunity that was missing. A perfect moment to get to know new technologies, understand how they can add value to one’s work, dig into technical topics so as to interact more efficiently with suppliers, with great benefits for both parties, because a well-informed client will make everybody save time.

JOSEPH MARSANASCO: To really understand the complexity of these changes, you must attend events like Print4All. If you want to sort all these inputs, Print4All is the best place to turn them into creative hints. As for the third reason, I will find it participating in Print4All. Often, reality can exceed our expectations!


Print4All 2018 – the event

Print4All, the new event that will be held in Fiera Milano from 29 May to 1 June 2018, is set to be Italy’s most interesting opportunity to discover and compare all printing and converting solutions for any type of media and any commercial, productive, and communications requirement.

The project will revolve around the new role played by printing and its opportunities as an indispensable process throughout the entire lifespan of a product, from pre- to after-sales and in store.

The event is the brainchild of ACIMGA and ARGI, which represent Italian and international manufacturers of printing and converting machines, and 4IT Group, a long-standing company, which has been observing the markets of the Graphic and Communication Industry for over 10 years. Fiera Milano, leader in the trade fair organisation industry, is the organiser.To learn more visit http://www.print4all.it/

Print4All is part of The Innovation Alliance. Together for the first time, IPACK-IMA, MEAT-TECH, PLAST, PRINT4ALL and INTRALOGISTICA ITALIA will showcase Italian and international state-of-the-art technology in different production worlds linked by a strong supply chain logic. A complete offering, which ranges from processing to packaging, from plastic and rubber machining to industrial and commercial printing, and from graphic customisation of packaging and labels, through to handling and storage of goods.