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In the internet era, printing as a promotional tool is always ‘cool’. What’s important is having the courage to change and perhaps even take risks, choosing new solutions that transform the traditional brochure into a means to access 3D experiences, pizza packaging into a DJ’s decks and the wallpaper of a child's room into an ‘interactive storyteller’.

These were just some of the examples mentioned at the Print4All Conference, the event that on the 12th and 13th of September, provided the printing world with a taste of what will be Print4All 2018.

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A way of looking at the printing industry with new eyes, to discover its potential through the narrative of creatives and entrepreneurs who have told their success stories.

Over 400 operators took part at the event. Printers, manufacturers as well as various components of the production chain that represent important steps in the decision-making process in terms of purchasing new technologies: creatives, marketing managers, brand owners and retail and mass market retail operators.

The role of ‘Printing in the Customer Journey’, from product launch to production, from sales point and beyond, represented the leitmotif of the event, which will be taking centre stage once again as part of the Print4All 2018 training programme.

Discover the highlights below!




"We are living a period of historic change, we are shifting from a transaction economy to a relationship economy. The world changes: the focus today must be on the customer, which means learning to share information with your competitors. This doesn’t mean no longer competing, but doing so in a different and more effective way, by valuing the information shared by each individual on the basis of their skills and abilities”. - Enzo BaglieriSDA Bocconi

"In order to change you need to have the courage to question your own status quo. It’s not possible to be both innovative and safe at the same time. We cannot innovate by looking backwards, but only by looking forwards". - Oliviero Toscani

The destiny of the brands walks hand in hand with the destiny of the people. If you want to survive, you must never stop learning and evolving". - Paolo Iabichino, Group Ogilvy & Mather Italy

"Cars, furnishings, medical equipment and electronics,  today printing is everywhere we look, not just on paper”. - Peter Buttiens, Esma   --> DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION



"Paper always works, but we need to promote printed products to make them special and interactive, focusing on the ‘wow’ factor. With this in mind, in order to launch the new 3D TV, we created a brochure that could be read wearing 3D glasses. A simple brochure thereby became a means for generating a unique experience". - Arianna Bartoli, Euronics

“We need to think differently. An intelligent and integrated use of new technologies allows us to come up with more effective and increasingly more personalised direct marketing strategies, so as to suit the needs and characteristics of each and every customer”.Federico Cozza, Leaderform

"The secret of an effective campaign does not lie in a big budget, but in a courageous clientèle and creative ideas". - Carla Leveratto, Gruppo Roncaglia

“Digital technologies enable us to reason differently. We have overcome the limitations of large-scale runs and are now focusing on added-value products that can be increasingly personalised”. -  Joseph Marsanasco, Rotolito Lombarda



“When it comes to in-store communication, it’s often the packaging that makes the difference. Subsequently, it’s important that we develop different solutions for different products, from the green packaging for organic pasta to tactile, audio and visual effects". - Laurette De Franco, Barilla

“The packaging is an integral part of the product, meaning that there must be a continual and open dialogue between the packaging supplier and product manufacturer”.  - Vittorio Ramazza, Coop

“The packaging must seduce the customer and instigate an unexpected reaction. In one word, it must be smart". - Pierre Benzi, Artefice Group

“We still have a long way to go to create an authentic packaging experience. We need to buck the trend; packaging should no longer be intended as waste or expense, but as an added value”. - Massimo Rosati, Nuceria Group

“The new technologies offer endless possibilities, and to best exploit these opportunities, we need an open dialogue between the machine and product manufacturers. An example? Rough paper for roughly textured Rana Sfogliagrezza pasta: the packaging interprets the product”. - Alberto Palaveri, Sacchital



“To gain a customer’s loyalty, you have to appeal to either their head or their stomach. The value of the brand lies in the effect that we have on the stomach". Cristina Mezzadra, Bricocenter

"To create a connection with the customer, we decided to take a different approach: we don’t promote ourselves but we tell our story, conveying both our values and what it is that we do". - Antonella Altavilla, Coop Lombardia

"It’s fundamental that we carry out a follow-up with our customers after their purchase, as this is the phase in which he/she really discovers the product and forms an opinion”. - Roger Botti, RobilantAssociati

"We don’t have a magic wand to gain our customers’ loyalty, we have to experiment and take risks". - Marco Metti, Prénatal

“It’s often the smallest companies that innovate,  as they are driven by necessity, they're hungry”. Perhaps they take more risks because they have less to lose". - Giuseppe Ghelfi, Ghelfi Ondulati

"Paper is making a comeback, but it has a new role. It becomes a kind of interactive and personalisable touch screen that forms a special connection with the customer". - Federico Tornielli, PRT Group


The Print4All Conference was also an opportunity to anticipate some news about special initiatives, conferences and contents of Print4All 2018. --> DOWNLOAD THE PRESENTATION OF GIUSEPPE GARRI, FIERA MILANO

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